Monday, July 28, 2014

Mustang Summer 2014- McCullough. & Pryor

Mustangs everywhere!


We are having the time of our lives out the horse ranges! Yesterday we spent the day at Mccollough Peaks in Cody, Wyoming and today we went p to the Pryor Mountains- we have seen many mustangs including Cloud the stallion!
Cloud and his herd 

 Later this week we travel to Colorado Springs for the Cloud Foundation Art and Musoc Celebration!  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer 2014 -getting ready

Somehow I'll manage to pack all of this....


Let the Mustang 2014 Summer Adventure begin!!!!

I'll be sending photos and blog entries for our adventures this summer as we travel west to find the mustangs. Ahead for the Summer 2014 are the McCullough Peaks, Sand Wash Basin, Spring Creek Basin, possibly Little Book Cliffs and the Cloud Foundation Celebration of Wild Horses Art and Music. 

The three photographs below are our contribution to this milestone event. Last summer Ben took "The Chase" at the tender age of eight, Abby's met "Cloud's Encore" at age ten... they both carry Canon Rebel 3t's which are light and I used my Canon 7D to snap "The Emissary" below. Cloud is often referred to as the 'ambassador' of wild mustangs, hence the derivation of the title. This is the first time all three are being presented together...

The Chase by Benjamin Lowder

The Encore by Abigail Lowder

The Emissary by Meredith Lowder
* Please remember we don't get this close to the horses except the crazy stallions that decided running straight at three small humans would be an excellent idea... Abby and I both use a 100-300mm Canon lens. Abby got much closer to the Cloud's daughter Encore than any of us intended... except perhaps for Encore.

Why we do what we do.... Ben's Chase

The air is beginning to cool after 95°F (35°C); dusk is settling over the Basin. Karen and I saw horses heading to the waterhole just...