Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sand Wash Basin

Well Sand Wash did not disappoint the first day- we took almost 5,000 photos between myself, Abby and Ben. We saw many herds, a lot of foals and the weather was wonderful- we even saw a rainbow at the end of the day. The second day (today) the weather began sunny but soon turned for the worse. The wind was blowing strongly and the thunder and lightning started all around us. Oddly, very little rain fell in the Basin. The  roads are mostly soft sandy clay and quickly turn to soup with any appreciable precipitation. We were lucky and stayed near the entrance when we saw the cloud begin to build. Still, we saw a fair number of horses and were able to photograph several herds. We return tomorrow for our final day and hopefully we will see John Wagner and other friends of the Sand Wash Basin mustangs...
We are about to hit one quarter of a million fans and we are soooo thrilled! Thanks so much for being a fan of Equus ferus- Wild Horse Photography!
Meredith, Abigail, Benjamin, Karen, Angie, Cindy, Marianne, Aly, Lauren and The Three Amigos of the Sand Wash Basin!

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