Thursday, November 5, 2015

Assateague Island National Park 2015

Hello Everyone!!!
We're back at Assateague Island NP for a long weekend of photography.  Karen McLain has already been here for over a week as an "Artist-in-Residence". This is a prestigious appointment in which an artist, often a painter, is invited to spend a fortnight at a location and uses the opportunity to hone their artistic skill in a new environment and they often teach classes as well. 

I joined Karen today after driving down the coast from the Hudson Valley in New York. We shot a few of the ponies, although the conditions were less than optimal with an intermittent light mist falling. We broke early and had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant in Salisbury, Maryland called "Brew River"- the specialty was crab cakes and they did the cakes justice.  The oysters on the half-shell were amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed this dining experience.

It was also nice to see a horse that had been a foal, when we were last here in 2012. One of the things I particularly enjoy is seeing foals grow up and get bands of their own or give birth to their own foals. It lends a more personal aspect to the photography.
Foal 2015- Today
Foal 2012
Same foal today 2015

Tomorrow we are up early and plan to have a full day in the park. Karen is teaching a class for the Assateague Island Alliance on Saturday so we will prepare for that- a local paper did a nice segment of Karen's residency here . 

As always, continue sharing Equus ferus' photos! We will be posting live from the park.

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