Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mustang Walkabout 2016

MUSTANG WALKABOUT 2016: Packing List

Essential Items
Notification- Always let someone know where you are going and how long you plan to be there. Someone who is not with you in the Horse Management Area.  It is a big place, and it is easy to get turned around and cell service is not relaible.

Car with high clearance- High clearance is the most useful feature for your mustang-finding-vehicle but four wheel drive comes in handy and will offer you peace of mind. We will carpool at Sand Wash if necessary so let us know what vehicle you have/need.

SLR Digital Camera-If you can afford it, the best choice is a DSLR camera (digital single lens reflex)- Canon, Nikon, Olympus- whatever is most affordable, start with used if finances are an issue. B&H Camera and Video is an excellent resource and they have good on-line service.

Cell phone with car charger- this is an obvious one

Memory cards- I use smaller cards, about 32 MB and switch frequently. You can't have enough cards. If I manage to get an amazing series of photos, I will remove that memory card, stash it some place safe and continue with a fresh card. This way you don't ever run the risk of losing precious photos. Spend the extra money on the fast cards- each card has a speed- we use 90MB/second or faster.

Snacks-there is no food in Sand Wash so bring some of your own- salty foods are good, turkey/beef jerky, chips, fruit, sandwiches- all good choices. We can go eight hours without a 'real meal'.

Water- Hydration is essential- Gatoraid, sports drinks, etc. Bring twice as much as you think you'll need. A cooler with ice is very nice.

Map- You can get one in Maybell at the gas station- they have an excellent "hunter's map" and they are very friendly. We will highlight where the horses are on your map. The BLM office in Craig, Colorado also has maps available if you're near that location.

OtherSunscreen, insect repellent, sturdy boots, hat, Frog Tog (or similar cooling cloth)

Other Useful, but not critical items

Photography vest- a slightly dorky but rather useful article of clothing. It has about 15 pockets of varying sizes. Make sure, if you don't have a driver friend, put your car keys in a very safe place- zippered pockets are nice and secure. You don't want to search through sagebrush for your cars keys. The nice thing about the vest is it holds extra lenses, water, monopod, memory cards and lens cloths without a backpack. Useful for hot summer days especially when you have to hoof-it for a mile.... (I'm wearing one in the photo on the right).

Telephoto lens- most cameras come with a 35-110 or 200 mm lens as a package deal. I love my 18-200mm. For mustangs, you will probably want to invest in a 100-400mm and IS is best. (Image Stabilized). You want the most portable lenses you can carry- literally.

Monopod/Tripod- this handy item comes as a single cane-like support for your camera. It has only one leg but if you find your images are blurry, try using a monopod or tripod.

Lens cloth/cleaner- It is quite dusty at Sand Wash

Waterproof cover for your camera

Email us for any questions: Meredith 

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