Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out West Day Six -Morning on the Butte

Chilly morning on the butte- 45 degrees and with the windchill it is in the upper 30's... But when you see the mustangs, you forget everything. We were concerned because we didn't find any horses last night at Pilot Butte.

This morning we were lucky and found two small herds with horses we recognized from last year including Skye & Kira. It is so nice to see last years' foals all grown up and looking healthy.

The horses don't always oblige us by standing next to road- we often have to hike quite a distance. The longest was a mile if my GPS was accurate (I think it was longer!). The two photos of the landscape are mustangs in the distance with one cropped to prove there actually are horses in that photo...

It was a gorgeous morning at Pilot Butte albeit freezing. The sun finally cleared the clouds and we warmed up a bit. There's a quality of lighting on the Butte that reminds me a bit of the Hudson River School of artists. Granted they are the Thomas Kincaid of the Mid-Nineteenth Century but it is still breathtaking. I'd like to go to Tuscany some day- they say the lighting is similar but they don't have mustangs there so perhaps not... However I am lucky enough to live in the Hudson Valley where the artists used the beautiful lighting there to compose their paintings...

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