Sunday, August 12, 2012

Out West- Day One

We were scheduled to leave New York at 0730 Saturday morning. We received a call that our flight was delayed until 10:00 which meant we had to rearrange our hotels and rental car. Originally we were flying into Salt Lake City but now we decided to stop in Denver. We arrived in the afternoon and got settled into our hotel room. The kids went down to the pool with my husband Bruce and I got the photography equipment together.

This means taking out each camera- cleaning the lenses, checking the sensors, hatching both batteries, reformatting all the CF cards & labeling them and cleaning all back up lenses.

Then we packed the bags for the next day- it is a two hour ride to horses at Little Book Cliffs so we have amusing things for the kids to do such as Nintendo DS, iPods and iPads, Nook's and other interesting things. And we need water!!!! Lots of water an Gatorade and Pepsi Max (thanks Howard, I am hooked). Water is critical as are snacks... Apples, dried fruit, Chex mix, bagels and assorted cereal boxes. Cell phones stay fully charged too!

I also bring books on horse geneticsi and my nook so I can continued to read "The Lost Art of Listening" & my favorite "The Art of Happiness"... We go to sleep early since we will be up at 5:30am for the photos shoot...

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