Monday, August 13, 2012

Out West Day Two

We woke early and had breakfast-an we were in the road by 6:30. Grand Junction is about twenty minutes to the horse management area but it is another hour of back country driving to get to horses...

It was warm and sunny and we found our first herd at about 8:30am. This herd had about ten individuals in two family groups and a few bachelors (studs). They were fairly used to humans and wandered rather close to Abby and myself...

I generally stand 100-200 feet away from the herds and utilize my 300mm telephoto but occasionally the herds move towards me as was the case of this herd. Abby snapped a shot of the horses standing close to me though they didn't start there. This was in the North Soda area.

We moved on and found a small herd of eight horses- this group was quite skittish and took off pretty quickly- luckily they went around a ridge and appeared 50 feet from the car so we get some good shots. We left the North Soda area and back tracked to the Indian Park area. Little Book Cliffs is divided into these areas and each has its' own appeal.

At Indian Park we found two small herds one family and one bachelor herd. There seemed to be a lot of dubs in these herds and on non-fading black. I took 1,100 photos and Abby took 500. It was a good day!

We Reuters to the hotel after fossil hunting and cleaned the camera lenses recharge all the batteries- one for each camera and one backup and uploaded all the photographs! I backed them up to an external hard drive as well as keeping copies on the laptop. I imported them into Lightroom and went to bed.

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