Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out West Day Six - The Sand Wash Basin

Well here we are at Sand Wash- John Wagner is here today so maybe we'll see him. 160,000 acres and we covered almost all of it! Eight hours of traveling by car and on foot... We shot over 1,000 photos once we found the herds in 90 F heat. Quite a change from this morning's 45 F! Most if the herds were off the road quite a distance do Abby and I 'hoofed it' to get closer. We brought water with us and loads of sunscreen!

Ben and Bruce sat patiently in the car while Abby and I walked miles and miles across sage brush.... I have numerous cuts and scratches marking our travels. But we got the photos and saw a brand new foal- John Wagner says her name is 'Wild Spirit'. We didn't see John or his spiffy new camera but we did chat on Facebook later-

We will return to Sand Wash tomorrow and hit the water spots first- from my observations of mustangs, they often go to water first thing in the morning!

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