Monday, August 13, 2012

Out West Day Three- The mustangs of the Little Book Cliffs

You're driving for hours- literally but then... through the trees you spot a small herd- a palomino, a buckskin paint, a cremello or two and a black stallion... They spook and head up the hill and we get a few shots.

Moving forward we spot the black/brown foal from the day before and Abby and I get our of the car. Suddenly we hear a high pitched squeal and we run towards the noise... We come upon four stallions fighting! Two blacks, one sorrel and the apricot dun we saw yesterday. The black stallion from the small band we saw yesterday challenged the bachelor herd. Wow! The backdrop is a burned out forest. There must've been a fire a few years back... It presented a challenge because the camera tended to autofocus on the branches so I switched over to manual focusing and that worked well.

The overcast skies also worked beautifully- sometime too much sun creates a harshness and a garrishness to the photos- which is why you want the early morning sun and the late afternoon light. High-noon is not very forgiving in full sun!

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