Monday, August 13, 2012

Out West Day Three- Holy mustangs Batman

Wow! It is 1:09pm and we just finished, we drove 40 miles in and about the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Management Area... We saw over 30 horses, some new from our trip yesterday. Paints, duns, roans, sorrels, blacks, buckskins, palominos, creamellos and one beautiful Appaloosa... It was amazing! The weather was mostly overcast and cool in the mid 60's and the horses were very active. Yesterday was in the high 80's yesterday and the horses barely moved. Today they were fighting and running and generally being rowdy and we got some incredible shots. Abby was by my side most of the time but occasionally she'd end up at about 90 degrees from my vantage point and she would get a wonderfully different perspective!

It is now raining lightly as we make our way out of the horse management area. We are all hungry and tired in a satisfied kind of way. My grateful thanks to Bruce for fearlessly driving over roads that gave me the willies and to Ben who patiently sat in the car while Abby and I photographed the mustangs.

The cameras are put away safely- all the Compact Flash cards are in their cases and carefully stored. I had so many good pictures that I changed the CF cards four times. Generally after shooting some action, I use another card just for security. I once accidentally reformatted a card with photos on it so I am extra careful.

A pretty amazing day- I can't wait to see the photographs later at our hotel!

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